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Fly-in safari Tanzania

Tanzania is a large country with many national parks. You can drive to them, but it may be tiring. You can fly into a national park, and start your game drive a few days later.

fly in safari Tanzania is a popular choice in Tanzania for its smooth logistics. There is a large network of flights to and between safari destinations, making most parks and reserves accessible by air. In the past, flying into Tanzanian parks and reserves was expensive because only chartered flights were available.

However, the concept of scheduled safari flights has made fly-in safaris more affordable. Aside from the time-saving advantages of a fly-in safari over a road safari, you’ll also get to see an aerial view of the park before landing.

The best way to use fly in safari Tanzania is to combine them with game drives, to avoid long drives back. For example, you can go to Serengeti from Ngorongoro, and then fly out of Serengeti to Zanzibar, instead of going back to Ngorongoro and Arusha first.

Fly-in safaris Tanzania, flight options

  • Local chartered flight companies offer scheduled flights to and from national parks airstrips. They have flights on popular routes every day, and some routes only have flights if there are at least two people booked.
  • Alternatively, a private charter flight can be hired for you or a small group.

where you can fly from (start your fly-in safari Tanzania)

  • Zanzibar is one of Tanzania’s most popular tourist destinations, with many flights to and from national parks in Tanzania.
  • Dar es Salaam is the financial hub of Tanzania and is a short ferry ride away from Zanzibar. From Dar es Salaam, you can get flights to all of the working airports and airstrips
  • Kilimanjaro airport is the nearest international airport to the Tanzania northern circuit parks. Charter flights are available from this airport to the northern parks.
  • Arusha, Tanzania’s most popular northern park, is actually a hub for visitors to Tanzania’s famous northern parks. Serengeti, Manyara & Tarangire national parks are all accessible by charter flights.
  • Mwanza airport is located in a port city and Tanzania’s second-largest city. A charter flight from this airport can take you to popular parks like the Serengeti.
  • You can fly from one national park to another. For example, you can fly from Manyara National Park to Serengeti National Park to Selous National Park.

Note: These flights run round-trip and direct to and from the parks, so your logistics need to be well-planned.

What to know before booking a charter flight for your Tanzania fly-in safaris

Please let us know which airstrip you plan to land on, as some national parks can be quite large and have multiple airstrips. Landing at the closest airstrip to your point of interest can save time.


  • Arusha to manyara to Serengeti
  • Arusha to Serengeti
  • Manyara to tarangire
  • Serengeti to manyara to Arusha to dar es salaam to Zanzibar
  • Serengeti to selous to dar es salaam to Zanzibar
  • Dar es salaam to mafia
  • Dar es salaam to Zanzibar
  • Dar es salaam to pemba
  • Dar es salaam to Serengeti
  • Dar es salaam to manyara
  • Dar es salaam to mikumi
  • Dar es salaam to ruaha
  • Zanzibar to dar es salaam
  • Zanzibar to selous
  • Zanzibar to Serengeti
  • Zanzibar to mikumi
  • Zanzibar to ruaha
  • Selous to Mikumi.