Zepisa African Safaris Ltd is comprised of experts who are pioneers of African safaris, Trekking, and beach holidays in East Africa, and as such understanding the requirements of this sophisticated sector. We pride ourselves on our personalized service. Our company philosophy is one of quality service and professional attention to each and every client. Despite the significant growth of the company, it is still owner-managed. As Zepisa African safaris is a local tour company, all our profits are used for the development of the country by increasing its investment in the land of Tanzania, helping to boost the Tanzania economy and living standards of its people.
You can read about our clients reviews on Trip Advisor or Safaribookings. We are a local tour company so our prices are low, some of the highest most expensive companies consider it as cheap Kilimanjaro tour price. Don’t be surprised if we tell you we are offering a high quality standard services than than most of them. We communicate with you directly to customize your tour, which means you will not be paying commission to an overseas travel agent. Our private Kilimanjaro tours are on average 30-50% less expensive than group tours offered by many overseas tour companies.

Safety is our number one priority, We also treat our porters and guides very well as without them Zepisa African Safaris will not be the same! We are like a family! Get ready to meet the best crew during your Kilimanjaro trekking with us.