Tanzania Western circuit

The Tanzania Western Circuit grasps the parks along Lake Tanganyika, the western border of Tanzania with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The tremendous space in a remote natural location makes the circuit worth a visit. Gombe Stream National Park was made famous by Jane Goodall’s research on its chimpanzee population and ensuing adjustment. Mahale Mountains National Park further south, on the shores of the gin-away from Lake Tanganyika, is a more credible chimpanzee experience and strongly suggested. You’ll need to go further to discover the chimps however you’ll improve thought of how chimps are in the wild than by watching them at taking care of pens. Other destinations in the Tanzania wester circuit include Rubondo National park.

Tanzania Western circuit-Destinations

Gombe National park

Settled on the Lake Tanganyikan shoreline (in the Tanzania western circuit) this is perhaps the best spot for very close experiences with chimpanzees on the planet. It’s likewise an excellent spot where green forested mountains course down to the lakeshore, perfectly clear waters lap against white sand bays and the fog secured pinnacle of Mount Nkungwe can be found out of sight. Other than the enormous chimp populaces, the mountains are also home to other primates including yellow baboons and the red colobus.

Mahale National park

Mahale mountains national park is one of the national parks in Tanzania that is situated in the distant South Western part of the country. Mahale national park also known as Mahale mountains national park. Its lies along the shores of the African deepest lake that is Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma region. This is one of the two national parks in Tanzania with Chimpanzees the other is its neighboring Gombe Stream national park. The chimpanzees were habituated by the great researcher Jane Goodall. This is one of the parks in Tanzania that can be explored by foot as you hike on the slopes of the mountains.

Rubondo National park

Situated on the south-west shores of Lake Victoria, Rubondo Island National Park incorporates Rubondo Island and a few other little islands of Lake Victoria.

The park boasts of its rich and diverse variety of butterflies and birdlife, easily viewable from the lakeshore. The rare Sitatunga, an extremely endangered amphibious antelope, can sometimes be viewed escaping from the charging predators by hiding and camouflaging itself in the lakeshore marshes.

A visit to Rubondo Island National Park offers visitors a break from game viewing in the tranquil peace of a lakeshore setting. Exploring the islands within the park creates excitement for day trips. Fishing expeditions into Lake Victoria are easily arranged through the major lodges. Rubondo Island National Park is a relaxation from the rigorous safari circuit and a relaxing place from which to explore Lake Victoria.