Zanzibar beach holidays

Explore Zanzibar beach holidays. The beaches themselves are a modest number of the leading to the East African coast, meanwhile the scope of world-class dive sites will inspire scuba divers and snorkelers. Honeymooners will mourn the mystery and flexible beachfront lodges while parents will empathize the range of family-friendly accommodation and activities available

Zanzibar; the romantic, exotic archipelago, reminiscent of Arabian nights and Indian Ocean indolence. Only 15 minutes flight from the mainland, the wonderfully sleepy island of Zanzibar is one of East Africa’s finest beach destinations, surrounded by coral reefs with idyllic beaches lined by huge sweeping palm trees. Zanzibar beaches are the obvious addition to a safari on mainland Tanzania, or should we say that a short safari is the obvious addition to your Zanzibar beach holiday, with the beautiful Nyerere National park less than an hour away.

Travel along the eastern coast of the island, and you will find the beaches of Michamvi, Kiwengwa, Chwaka, Uroa and Pongwe. The tranquility of these shorelines is ideal for taking long rests in hammocks strung between palm trees walking around the beach or watching local farmers harvest seaweed from the ocean. You will also appreciate finding tiny sea creatures left behind by the ebbing tide in little rock pools. Head further south to where the awesome beaches of Bwejuu, Jambiani and Kizimkazi await your exploration. On Bwejuu, the phenomenal experience of living like a Sultan. Accommodations like Baraza Resort & Spa give you a glimpse of emperor like-living. As you go island touring around Zanzibar with Zepisa African safaris, you will also come upon a special beachfront that is particular from the others, on account of its regular brilliant sands which are exceptionally irregular for Zanzibar, the Fumba Beach which is situated on the west coast in Menai Bay.

What to expect on a Zanzibar beach holiday

Sun, sea and sand: a Zanzibar beach holiday offers these in wealth. Zanzibar’s beaches differ, but almost all feature perfectly-clear waters lapping at the edge of powdery-white sand that streams through the toes. The ocean is shallow, but venture further out into the sparkling, turquoise water and you’ll find coral reefs for extraordinary snorkeling and diving. The larger islands are lush and highly fertile and everywhere the air is suffused with the aroma of fruit and spices: it’s an intoxicating, exotic atmosphere.

Be aware, though, that off many beaches, particularly on the east coast, low tide can reduce the broad, shallow lagoon to a virtually empty puddle, and swimming is often only possible when the tide is in. It is always worth counseling online tide tables, as the daily range along the East African coast varies through each month and ordinarily goes from around 1 meter to multiple meters.

Popular as a post-safari choice, a Zanzibar beach holiday can be an incredible independent getaway. The main island offers an excellent variety of accommodation, from basic beach lodges and small boutique hotels to all-inclusive beach resorts and luxury hotels.

The best time for Zanzibar beach holidays

The best time for Zanzibar beach holiday is from June to October during the cool, dry months of spring. Another popular time to visit this tropical island is from December to February when it’s hot and dry.

There are two best times to scuba dive off the coast of Zanzibar, in July and August and in February and March. Diving off the north coast is particularly good from June to October and off the south coast between November and March.

Know Climate for your Zanzibar beach holiday

Generally the main rainy season, or the ‘long rains’, last during March, April and May. Afternoon tropical downpours are the norm – which can be heavy on any of the islands. The dampness is high and every day temperatures arrive at the low-mid 30°s.

The long dry season, when rainfall is fairly unusual, endures all through June, July, August, September and October. Temperatures vary gigantically with altitude and location, however, it’s typically a fine, clear sky and sunny weather – it’s an incredible chance for Zanzibar beach holidays. During November and December there’s another rainy season: the ‘short rains’. These are much lighter than the main rains and less reliable.

On the off chance that it has down-poured during the short rains, it normally dries up for a couple of months, January and February, which is Tanzania’s ‘short dry season’, prior to beginning to rain again in earnest in March.

Getting to your Zanzibar beach holiday

By air Flights to Zanzibar international airport are available at all airports in Tanzania. You can also catch a flight to Zanzibar at JKIA in Nairobi and Moi International airport in Mombasa. Flights cost between 50-100 USD. At the airport, there are taxis which can take you to your hotel.

Boarding the ferry Ferries operate daily between Dar-es-salaam and Zanzibar. The ferries run from 4 a.m to 12 p.m The ferry station is located in downtown Dar-es-salaam. t’s a 70 minutes ride and costs between 35-50USD. The waters are usually rough hence seasick tourists should opt for a flight. Ferries have both first class and economy class sections. When on the ferry be alert as cases of pickpocketing are very common.