Tanzania Southern circuit

The Tanzania southern circuit presents a wide range of encounters, from savannah to wetlands, walking safaris to boat experience. The Southern parks epitomize Tanzania in her most perfect form, off the beaten track, away from the crowds of tourists and give the feeling of being all alone. You will discover the plentiful and rare wildlife in a remote area of Africa.

Tanzania Southern circuit-Destinations

Ruaha National park

Slap blast in the middle of Tanzania’s second-largest park after Nyerere National park. Few visitors make it to the beautiful attraction due to it being not as accessible as the other national parks, although the scenery and wildlife make the trip worth it.

The park hosts 10% of the world’s lion population and has been a Lion Conservation Unit since 2005. It’s not uncommon to find a pride of more than 20 lions in the park. The leopard stalks the thicker woodland areas, while cheetah can be found scanning the plains for prey. The wild dog is endangered, but Ruaha is home to almost 100 of them. There are healthy populations of hyena and black-backed jackal too.

Elephants are seen in high densities during the dry season when they gather around the dry riverbed to dig for water with their trunks and front feet.

Kitulo National park

Roosted at around 2600 meters above sea level between the tough peaks of the Kipengere, Poroto, and Livingstone mountains, the very much watered volcanic soils of Kitulo support the largest and most important montane grassland community in Tanzania. Referred by locals as The Garden of God, Kitulo National Park is “one of the extraordinary flower exhibitions of the world”, a rare botanical marvel and home to 350 species of vascular plants, including 45 varieties of terrestrial orchid, which eject into a crazy wildflower show of amazing scale and decent variety during the principle blustery period of late November to April.

Katavi National park

Katavi National Park is located in a remote region offering unspoiled wilderness. An overwhelming feature in Katavi is the huge flood plain, split by the Katuma River and several seasonal lakes. The lakes support enormous gatherings of hippos, crocodiles and over 400 species of birds. One of the scenes in Katavi is the hippos at the end of the dry season when as many as 200 try to squeeze into a pool of water. The male rivalry heats up causing territorial fights.

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