Tanzania Eastern circuit

Explore Tanzania Eastern circuit, visit Nyerere National park is crossed by River Rufiji in the center and forms a network of swamps, channels, and lakes to create a very unique ecological system. Saadani is the only Tanzanian park to blend bush and beach in an unforgettable celebration of land and sea.

Saadani Safari Lodge and Tent With A View allow you to enjoy a barefoot Tanzania beach holiday, lounging on sun-warmed silver sands, exploring ancient ruins, snorkeling off sandbanks, dining on luscious fresh seafood, and venturing upriver by canoe or boat to watch forest birds and riverside mammals. You can also visit Mikumi National park just a couple of hours’ drive from Tanzania’s biggest city(Dar es salaam). The park center has a wide assortment of natural life that can be simply spotted and furthermore very much suitable for viewing in a game drive.

Tanzania Eastern circuit-Destinations

Nyerere National park

Presently the Largest National Park in Africa, Nyerere National Park is a recently settled Park which is important for what is known as Selous Game Reserve. The name of the Park is given in honor of the founder of the Nation, the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere. The Park has been established in the year 2019 and spread a territory of more than 30,000 square kilometers.

With its biggest wild zone in Africa, Nyerere National park has moderately undisturbed ecological and natural cycles, including a diverse range of wildlife with huge predator and prey relationships. The might Rufiji with its eminence population of hippo and Rhino flows to the Indian sea. The waterway has been assigned as a photographic zone and is a well-known tourist destination.

The sheer volume of the game in the Nyerere is simply remarkable! Elephant, buffalo, and lion are found in more noteworthy numbers and the park, along with the rest of the piece of Selous has the last evident fortification for African wild dogs.

A visitor to this vast park will be able to enjoy the widest diversity of safari activities in the country, like boating safaris as well as standard game drives, walking safaris, and legendary fly camping trips. Read more Nyerere National park in Tanzania Eastern circuit.

Mikumi National park

The scenes in Mikumi National Park can easily be compared to those of the Serengeti National Park as acacias, baobabs, and tamarinds dot the savannah. The Uluguru and Ruhebo mountains just as well some interesting rocks arrangements can be seen near the northern boundary of the park and the Mkata plains are by far the best spot for the game view. Read more Mikumi National park in Tanzania Eastern circuit.

Saadani National park

Saadani National park is one of Tanzania’s destinations where the beach meets the bush. It is the only National park in East Africa with an Indian Ocean beachfront. It’s the one spot where those idle hours of sunbathing may be hindered by an elephant walking around, or animals coming to drink at the nearby waterhole. Additionally, an incredible sight is the Swahili fishermen projecting their nets at dawn.

Udzungwa Mountain National Park

Holding one of East Africa’s incredible forests, Udzungwa Mountain National Park has an area of 1990 sq km, bordered by the Great Ruaha River toward the north, with Mikumi National Park and Selous Game Reserve found further toward the north and east. The Udzungwa Mountains is without a doubt one of only a handful hardly any evident virgin and unique forested lands remaining on the planet.

The significant attractions incorporate its organically diverse forest, holding some plant species discovered no place else on the planet, from a little African violet to 30-meter high trees. Read more Udzungwa National park in Tanzania Eastern circuit.