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The big 5 animals on safari

While going on safari people often hear of the “ the big 5 animals on safari to Africa” and wonder what it means. The idea of The Big five originated from the early European pioneers who thought about the lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, and elephant as the best game to hunt down. The one everybody gets wrong is the Cape Buffalo. They expect the hippo or cheetah as they are seen as more exotic. But the buffalo provided the biggest challenge to the old hunters; bad-tempered, strong, and quick, only a perfectly placed shot would bring it down before it charged right through you.

Today, The Big Five alludes to the Big 5 animals that roam and rule the wild plains of Africa and are just worth finding for their great presence.

Life in the wild is unpredictable, and sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t cater to meet our desires. Therefore, not every person will have the chance to spot The Big 5 animals on Safari, as they are also living their natural lives and are not always readily available for viewing. Choosing a Big Five safari in Africa, therefore, looks to offer you the best and highest chance of seeing these magnificent animals, however, once you enter the park you become part of their world and will need to respect the rhythm and space that is theirs.

The Big 5 safari animals of Africa are the most often-mentioned, relentlessly searched for, and much-loved five large African wildlife species.

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